Friday, November 22, 2013

Soviet Britian

Here are my three entries for a B3TA image challenge. The brief was to take Soviet propaganda and apply it to modern day UK. I have a huge love for old propaganda posters, they are so wrong yet so right.

Here are the original Soviet posters I was referencing. I found them and many other gems in this awesome trove on flickr:

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Character Design Sheets

Here are a few of the character designs I have worked on. These sheets are usually for just personal reference or to sell the client on a particular option and so not really finished for public consumption.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

SVG Project...

Here is a project about the town I live in, Stavanger Norway, or in airport parlance SVG. SVG is more hip with the kids, like NWA or J-Lo.

Basically I'm doing quick typographic studies with various styles applied to this acronym. In doing so I’m endeavoring to capture facets of what the modern Stavanger is like. I think one of the great abilities of (good) art is that it informs the viewer about some aspect of the time in which it was created, often hundreds or thousands of years after events have moved on.

Thousands of years from now, post apocalyptic space monkeys will be probing the dusty remains of my hard drive and have themselves a healthy monkey chuckle when they see how I applied sunny beach livery to a town not really renowned for its sun or beaches… That’s the goal anyway…

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bad Ass Piggies

Hey blogosphere, long time no see!

Just a quick update with some of the projects I have been busy working on. Firstly here are some Angry Birds/ Bad Piggies mockup movie posters with a horror twist. These titles have long been my goto casual games whenever I have to wait in a Drs surgery or suchlike. So I thought I would do these to thank the Rovio team. I had some great response from the few people I have shown these to so I thought I would share them further... rather than hiding them on my D:\

Apart from the odd illustration and paint study in my spare time I have been using the Unity platform to teach myself java scripting and general games design. I’ve just completed my first side scrolling platformer from a tutorial. I plan to use this as a framework to showcase my own sprite animations.

Here is a flash game I did for the baconGameJam 05, lights out challenge. I went straight down the middle with the theme, using a child’s perspective on the bogey men who come out when the lights go off. It placed 27th out of 100, not bad for my first "proper" game.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Retro Dudes

This portrait of George Lazenby ( unquestionably the best Bond ) was a quick 1 hour study before bed that I thought came out well. I read somewhere that the darkest areas of a form are usually just after the tangent to the lightsource, so I am trying to emphasize that along with the extreme noir contrast which blows out and eliminates detail. Using blues to add moodiness ended up with a pleasing illustrative look that I hope to turn into a series of studies.


I’m embarking on another series, this time fetching females:-) A slightly different challenge to extend my learning from all the male studies I have done recently. I’m still concentrating on learning rendering, lighting and hard vs soft edges. Andrew Loomis suggests that a pleasing female illustration should have an absence of details to make them seem softer and more youthful, so its an exercise in only showing so much and implying the rest.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Photoshop studies, done pretty quickly, about 2 hours each. I'm trying to get better at rendering, but also finding out when to stop and let things be loose and painterly. I'm thinking about my fuzzy, hard edge contrast, both can be achieved with a soft round brush...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I have spent a few nights polishing renders over comic style linework on this piece.

 I remember the first time I saw the Darkstalkers game, 1994 I believe. What a fantastic leap forwards in sprite animation it was. I returned to the arcade access town next weekend just to see these characters in action again.

So the research on this project was super fun, unpacking the original sprites and marveling at how the Capcom team got so much expression and life into these animation loops.

I would love to have time to draw the rest of the Darkstalkers!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Old Dudes

Happy to report some new studies! Firstly a series of old dudes. I'm concentrating on describing their wrinkled old forms and also taking the opportunity to caricature a tad just to keep it interesting...

Colourised them very quick and dirty using multiply and overlay layers in photoshop.

...and the reference images, talking heads I grabbed from the World At War documentary series.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Vito Skreemer: Bad Ass!

My fan art homage to dystopian gangster comic Skreemer with gorgeous art by Steve Dillon and Brett Ewins. I treated this as an exercise in portrait lighting, trying out several styles of lighting from a photography blog. The possibilities are endless but I eventually settled on a combination of two light sources and spent a couple of hours tightening up the rendering over the top.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Porco Rosso Poster

Here is my entry for the Miazaki poster competition over at Crimson Daggers Forum. I am trying to bring an art deco twist to the movie Porco Rosso . I could have gone to town more on the clouds and lighting but this would probably make it look too “modern” :-)

  Sketches and a WIP here…

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Conan: Down The Well Of Hell!

Here is a cover illustration for a Dark Horse Comics Conan Cover Competition. I was  trying something new for me  I lighting from  2 sources + well ambient darkness to give the main figure abit more form in space. I am questing for the holy grail of “pop”.

Then I also sent it in to the awesome concept artist Dave Rapoza, who was kind enough to  feature it on the crimson daggers channel during his crimson critters critique paintover livestream. He pointed out a few key areas to improve, so my plan from here is to do another finished piece incorporating Daves adjustments, so as to learn as much as I can. You can view Daves crit here, mine starts 1 hour in.

I am pretty stoked with the positive reaction I have got off this piece; it makes me really want to push myself further with comic art. I hope that my years of being both a reader and an artist have given me a good understanding as to what works on a page and really enjoined working with this character. More to come by Crom!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

It Be Piratin’ Time!

Avast ye lilly livered lackwit layabouts! You be beholdin’ an enchanted magic shirt designed for buccaneers of the cyber seas who be raidin’ the internet ports. Yarrr!

Feel free to vote for this over on threadless :-)